• Remarkable Growth

    Remarkable growth has occurred at Laramie County Community College due to the strong support of Laramie County and the surrounding area. Over the past decade the college has grown more than 40 percent, and last year had its highest graduating class in its history. Space is at a premium at the college and studies have shown that LCCC is currently operating on a space deficit. With projections of future growth, LCCC wants to be able to provide excellent opportunities to its students and the community for years to come!

    Enrollment Increase

  • Student Center

    Student Center Concept Render
    This building will be the new heart of campus and will serve as the clear front door and starting point for the college. This building will energize and exhibit the quality of education and experience that LCCC wants everyone to enjoy when coming to campus for years to come.

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  • Industrial Technology

    Industrial Technology Concept Render
    This building will adapt to meet the future workforce needs of the region and create educational opportunities to help our students get into careers, not just jobs.

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